Visions, Aims & Values

Our Vision:

We provide a happy, safe, stimulating learning environment where we build strong foundations.

We empower our children to have high aspirations and develop skills to continue to be successful at school and in the community.

Our Aims:

To be the best we can be we will:

  • Be an excellent communicator – listen, share our ideas and reason with others
  • Have high aspirations – be inquisitive, creative, hardworking and ambitious
  • Be respectful – be kind, polite, helpful, caring and honest, to ourselves and others
  • Be self-confident – be independent, have high self-esteem, to persevere and take risks
  • Be responsible – take care of ourselves, others and our diverse community

Our Values:

Our Behaviour and Relationships Policy is rooted in our positive approach to behaviour management, underpinned by our school values for children and adults. Our aim is to proactively establish positive relationships with and between children, to create a positive culture in which we learn together. To acknowledge our similarities and differences, and build a school community in which children and adults feel a sense of belonging.

Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

We have 2 sets of values: