We provide a rich, relevant and meaningful spiral curriculum for all of our children during their years at Abbots Farm Infant School. Our curriculum matches the needs, interest and enthusiasms of our children and helps them to engage well in their learning. The activities which the children undertake in school are planned with care to ensure at all times that the activity flows directly from a clear basic skills learning objective.

The children have a significant input into the development of the curriculum at Abbots Farm Infant School. We do not stick rigidly to any scheme of work, strategy or any externally imposed curriculum but we adapt our own curriculum to suit the children’s needs. At all times teachers ask themselves about the value, engagement and enjoyment level of the curriculum they are offering their children and make changes if appropriate.

Teachers consider very carefully what real, meaningful and exciting resources, stimuli and learning hooks can be used to support each term’s theme. We ensure that the curriculum in each year group is clearly routed in experiential learning. This may include a school visit or a visitor. We use ‘Talk for Learning’ strategies and promote continuous provision and outdoor learning throughout the school.

Cross curricular links are maximised and each termly theme is used directly as a vehicle to teach writing skills, to develop reading and where appropriate to support the teaching of mathematics.

To support our teaching of phonics we use the ‘Bug Club Phonics’ scheme.

We do not follow a specific reading scheme. Children take home a book which is closely matched to the phonics they have been taught and they also choose a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ book which is from a range of reading books from different schemes such as Project X, Big Cat, Rigby, All Aboard and Jumpstart.


Yr 2 Curriculum Map

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Teaching and Learning Policy

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Calculation Policy

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