Sometimes being late cannot be avoided due to medical/dental appointments. If your child is going to be late for a valid reason, please inform the school by telephoning or writing a note, preferably in advance. We ask that all pupils return to school as soon as possible after appointments and absences kept to a minimum.

  • Pupils arriving after the classroom doors have been closed must enter the school via the Reception and School Office and parents required to complete the late book giving reasons for lateness
  • Pupils arriving after the register has been closed at 8.55 am, will be marked with an authorised late mark
  • Pupils arriving after 9.25 am will be recorded as an unauthorised absence unless a satisfactory reason is given, for example a doctor’s appointment

Parents/carers who continue to arrive late at school with their children, will receive a letter informing them of the total number of occasions that their child has been late to school and be asked for improvement. Parents/carers of pupils that continue to be persistently late will be invited into the school to discuss the situation. If this pupil is persistently late the school will unauthorise these absences and the school will discuss this with the Attendance Compliance and Enforcement service.

We ask you as parent/carer to ensure your child is in school on time. Pupils who are late disrupt classes and other pupil’s learning by arriving to class late.

Being late 10 minutes every day for one year is equal to 33 hours approximately 6 days lost in education and disruption for other pupils.

How Can Parents Ensure Good Time Keeping?

Help your child to develop a routine, sleep is so important and many children do not get enough.

Make sure uniform, lunch and books are organised the night before to save you time in the morning.

The morning routine is important, try to make sure your child has breakfast, is washed and dressed in plenty of time before leaving for school; therefore giving you time for last minute emergencies.

Limit television access on a morning as this slows children and distracts them from getting ready. (Playing music could be a good alternative).

Leave for school a little earlier, this will enable you all to arrive at school relaxed, allowing the children to socialise with their friends before lessons and go into lessons prepared for learning. (This could also make parking easier).

Consider the importance of your child’s education when you book appointments. Where possible book dental and medical appointments after school. If this is not possible ensure your child attends school before and after the appointment and let the school know in advance.

Remember good organisational skills, coupled with good attendance and timekeeping it is vital to your child’s education and teaches them valuable lessons for life.

Keep a good routine during the school holidays and weekends. This can make returning to school easier for everyone.